Sunday, July 22, 2012

Happy Sunday Morning :-)

7-22-12.....Wow, how time flies. Been so busy and I didn't even realize its been 5 days since I have posted anything on the blog. Please accept my apologies to those who visit here daily. As for Heaven, she is doing good. God is good. We went to the Clinic for her appt. and Dr. Atkinson took her off of one of her meds, she (Heaven) is happy about that. Anyways, they drew a CBC and her results are.....

Some of her counts have come down and Dr. Atkinson informed me that it will happen and she also told me that I really need to put Heaven in the Lords hands and get back into church. lol. We, Heaven and I, are planning to go to church starting just once a week and work our way back to going to every service. But I told Dr. Atkinson that the first sneeze I hear that I am going to pick Heaven up and run out the door...she laughed so hard at me. I will always be careful with her and I am pretty sure that is the job of a Mother. :-) To love, nurture, and to protect as much as possible. Also, she was so wound up yesterday that I had to make her sit and calm down. She had a burst of evergy and she was laughing, joking, playing and jsut being herself, but I had to calm her to conserve some of that energy for today. lol.  Please continue to pray for our family and thank you all for your prayers.

As for what else is happening around here.....Wayne put in more than 100 hours working on his pheasant run this week (his other job had no work for them) and he worked in close to 100* temps to get it done so we could let the pheasants out. Well, this morning he went to feed them as he does every morning. He heard a loud scurrying inside the coop and thought it may be a coon...well he looked in the run and saw a pheasant had had its wing torn off...he looked in the coop and saw nothing. Well, he proceeded to walk around the entire run and then he saw it.....the culprit.....a cat! That cat had to squeeze though a small spot in the top of the coop that Wayne had intentionally left open for air flow. The cat was big and how it got through that hole...I nor Wayne will ever know. Anyways, the damage that was done was, the cat ate 1 whole bird and killed 2 others. But I will say this.....that cat won't be eating anymore birds cause his last meal was piece of lead.

For all of you animal lovers.....I love animals too. I actually found 2 wild bunnies yesterday that we fenced in the run and they couldn't get out, I brought them into the house so the girls could see them, but then it started raining, so the little bunnies will be released today when Wayne and Samantha arrive home from church. I dont' get a joy of shooting an animal but when the animal is eating up any profits you may time for that critter to go. Also, we have a problem here beings we have a couple of ladies down the road that won't get their cats fixed and therefore there is a hundred cats that runs around loose, but animal control won't do we have to take care of matters for them.

Anyways, God is good! Hell is real! and if you are saved today...take the opportunity now to tell someone else about the Salvation of Jesus Christ that they may be able to be saved from a devils hell.

Love to all may may your day be blessed abundantly.


So happy.....Heaven and I are heading to church with Wayne and Samantha tonight. First time in a while that we have been able to sit in a service where the TRUE Word of God is being preached. Thank you Lord for this opportunity...I pray we never take it for granted.

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