Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Having a great {{{Hot}}} day :)

‎7-17-12.....Well, it has been another hot day here in Virginia, and Wayne and I have been in it all day. We have been eorking on the pheasant run trying to get it done so we can let the little buggers out. lol.
Heaven has been feeling pretty goo this week. Last night her sinuses were bleeding and she coughed it up...which is a good thing, she doesn't need abelly ache. We have a Clinic visit to ...have her port flushed and for the Doc to do a overall physical and also before that the Make-A-Wish volunteers are meeting us at Pizza Hut in Roanoke for a Pep-Party to get Heaven exicited for her M-A-W trip to the Mall of America in about 2 WEEKS!!! Ahhh!!! it is so close...my how time flies.
Heavena nd Samantha are now getting ready to go to the YMCA Heaven for the pool and Sam for volleyball. Anyways thought I'd let you all know how things are at this point and again we thank you all for all your wonderful prayers and thoughts. ♥ to all.

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