Sunday, July 8, 2012

The heat continues.....

Had a nice morning this morning with my family before half of them left for church. Wayne and I went outside and I covered the tomatoes with a sheet to keep them form getting scorched from the sun ( I have been doing this every morning for the last 2 weeks) and Wayne, bless his heart, had to put gas in a spray bottle and tried to kill a bazillion yellow jackets that are hovering around where the honey was.
Well, once Heaven got out of bed this morning, she wanted a sandwich so I made her a chicken one using a hot dog bun. When I handed it to her, she laughed her head off saying the bun was real bread. LoL. I am so glad that I can laugh and have fun with my kids and hubby. When Wayne and Sam returned home from church we had lunch together (as we always do) and Heaven went to say the blessing and we all started laughing because I had earlier stuck a piece of ice down Wayne's shirt and he was laughing his head off.
Then when we were done with lunch, Sam gave my dog Suki a cob that she had ate the corn off of and my dog ate it!!! They laughed their heads off, gives new meaning to corn dog around here now. LoL.
Can't wait to get ot go back to church as a family but I just want ot make sure that Heavens immune system is strong enough to handle the germs (if any).
Hope you all have a wonderful (rest of the) day today...and do your best to stay cool. Praise the Lord for the cool front that will be here starting tomorrow. Love to all.
I think I hear some thunder.....I pray there is some rain coming to.

Had a nice nap today, the heat can really wear you out. Went with Wayne later this evening to water the pheasants and the neighbor gave us 2 cantelope and 6 ears of corn in exchange for a fresh jar of Axton Honey. can't get much fresher than that. Anyways, we are all sitting here in the livingroom just chatting and giggling with each other but we are now getting ready for bed. Thank you Lord for all your many blessings. ♥ you.

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