Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Bee Sting!!!!! OUCH

‎7-11-12.....Heaven, unfortunately, stepped on a Yellow Jacket (that was probably on her clothes when she came in from outside) and I cant get the bard out being it is driven into her heal. I am going to try one more time and if I can't get it,,,we are heading to the Dr.'s office in Broville. I have tried to apply tobacco (given from the neighbor) and I guess the barb is to far in her heel. Will update later.

Took Heaven to the Dr.'s office and the Dr. Bridges said that it looked as if the bard was out or either it was pushed farther up that he couldn't get it. He suggested that I keep an eye out for any unusual swelling or redness, and to also keep a close eye on Heaven for fevers or anything alike. Her labs were also taken and they had to stick her 3 times and they think it was due to her being so tense from the bee sting, but she did o.k. with it. Thank you all for watching for updates and praying for us tirelessly. ♥ and blessing to the Lord and to you all.

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