Sunday, July 1, 2012

Been a great, but {{{HOT}}}, weekend so far.

7-1-12.....The days are rolling by so quickly, I can not believe that it is already July. Seems like only yesterday we were hearing the words "Your child has cancer". All praises go to our Saviour Jesus Christ for bringing us thus this far. Thank you Lord for all you have done and may your blessing continue with Heaven becoming more and more healthier with each, quickly passing, day.

Heaven has stayed in the house 95% of this week. I know that she must be getting cabin fever, but it is all fo rthe best. Since we have kept her hydrated, (an alarm goes off every 3 hours from 9 a.m to 7 p.m) she has been doing much better with keeping the blood pressure in a much normal range for her. She does in fact goes outside after 8-8:30 p.m. but not without supervision, not only because of health reasons but becasue we have been unofficially informed that mountain lions have been released in Henry Co. to get control of the if releasing coyotes wasn't enough. One was spotted about 1/2 of a mile from our house, way to close for this Mommas comfort. No one goes outside alone here. Heaven has only had 2 very small nose bleeds and then her gums bleed a little to after brushing ( I need to get her a new brush). She has had some good energy and says she feels pretty good on a daily basis so far. So please keep those prayers coming. Christ showed me the other day that if we would spend just our spare time praying for others instead of complaing/gossiping/fussing with or about them that this world would be so much better. So love one another as Christ loves the church. Its that simple.
Well, we have had 2 rough storms the last couple of days and now my NOAA radio is going off yet again. Right now the storm is in Hillsville, Va and is headed east/southeast at 75 mph. The temps have been in the triple digits and we are under a severe heat alert. Well, anyways, I am signing off for now and I pray that you all remember that you are only here today because Jesus asked that you its up to you to find out why. Love to all.

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