Sunday, July 15, 2012

Comp. malfunction

‎7-15-12.....Computer was working fine today until someone got on it and clicked on something...not sure what but it totally messed up the comp. I set it back to factory settings (until we can afford a tablet or something) and I am very upset as to the fact of all the pictures of my daughters that I have lost...yet again. So if you have any pics of my girls please tag me in them so I can go to the... CVS and get them printed.
Heaven has been outside twice today, but not for long beings it is a bit warm out. Samantha is here withus this evening and not at church beings she has a big headache and is in her room sleeping.
Continue to pray for our family as it seems as if hte devil is fighting tooth and nail...again. Blessings to you all and Praises go to our Lord and Saviour.

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