Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Very productive day here

It has certainly been a productive day here...Heaven and I moved about 5 wheel-barrows full of bricks from the front flower bed to the garden in the back. Then we put up a raised bed that will be used for carrots next year, then later when Waye had gotten home he and I moved 2 more loads of bricks and a load of rocks and I then made  short raised bed to be used for some cucumbers. After that, I grabbed the weed-eater and cut down the day lillies in the flower bed around back...then we burned out the fire pit so we can now, on chilly nights, roast some marshmallows.
Well, the agenda for tomorrow is, in the mornig Heaven and I are headed to the gun range with our neighbors, for some much needed stress relieving and when we get back I will need to finish cleaning out the front flower bed and possibly move a red rose bush. I have two Yuka (sp) plants that need to be moved but I  am curious as to how I am going to do so beings they are big. Also, I need to get some pine needles for the lower front beds but that may have to wait a week or so from now.
So for now...I am kicked back and reclined on the couch watching Tyler Perrys House of Payne just relaxing and enjoying some down time.
Hope you all have a restful evening also. Many blessings <3

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