Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Last few days.....

Havent posted much in the last fews days so here goes.
Took Heaven on Thursday to get her labs drawn and  all her counts had dropped. Even though her counts were low, even the nurse told her that she looked good and that she had noticed that her color was coming back nicely. I enjoyed hearing that. Through the weekend she had alot of energy and was smiling from ear to ear. By Sunday she became a little tired but her energy level picked back up as the day went on. Yesterday she rested a little while doing some of her schoolwork and then we went to visit with Alex, Samantha, Kynsie & Leea for a little while. She enjoys visiting with her sisters and neices.
Today, well, she has to go with me to go and vote...I know she doesnt want to but anyways, after that we have to go to Collinsville to drop off my laptop to get the screen replaced and then to Southern States to pick up feed and then straight home...I know though that she will want something from Mickey Ds. lol.
We will be heading to Rocky Mount on Thursday for more labs, I pray that her platelets rebound on its own but if not maybe a transfusion of platelets will help them with a little boost.
I am asking you to pray for normal range counts...there is no room for worry here (Milton)...prayer and positive thinking only. :-)
Hope you all have a wonderful day, may it be productive, and for all of you hunters out there...please be careful.

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