Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sunday w/ Heaven at Carilion Roanoke Memorial Hospital update

 Update is....her bp and temp and is staying pretty stable, just a little fluxuation in the temp form time to time.

Dr. says the blood counts number are down a little but not enough to be concerened at this point, But please pray that they drop no more. The Bone Marrow Biospy is scheduled for 10 a.m. and her stay afterwards they will determine that by what information they receive but for now it will be about 4 more days but that could be added to.

The Dr. says that there is still some infection somewhere and they are going to have to wait for the Biopsy to determine where. Heaven is feeling faily good right now. She will be able to get up and walk around some today.
Please pray that Waynes work understands. They have allowed him to take a vacation day for tomorrow but not sure about the rest of the week. We know that we serve a might God and that He can take care of all things.

Also, Heaven was taken out of PICU since her temp and bp levels are at a stable state. So please pray that she will not have to go back in.

O.K. Heaven was finally able to take a shower.....they also allowed her 30 minutes out of the bed to walk around, go to the play area, play videos, thinks like that. She has eaten very little so far today but Lord willing that will pickup. She told the nurse that she feels no pain other than just the sore areas.
She (Heaven) is very concerned and also a lil' scared about tomorrow...we are reminding her that it is all in Gods hands and that He and we will be right there with her. I think I am going to go in with her during the process, the Dr. said we could, that way she will know that I am there with her.
She thanks all of you who are praying for her and thinking of her...she was amazed at how many people in so many different states have been praying.
Again we, as parents, thank you to. We are so glad to have the power of God on our side....He is the One that gives us the strength to get through.
Heaven is getting ready to receive another pouch of Cefepime which is the antibiotic she has been on and now she is on her 2 bag of Potassium Chloride.

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