Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Bloodwork.....Day 1

Heaven got her first line of bloodwork taken this morning at 6 a.m. She is a strong girl...but it hurts my heart to the core as to what she has lying ahead. But praise the Lord she nor us as parents will hae to stand alone in this....I dont...' think we could have gotten thus this far without the Lord Jesus Christ being on our side.
I just thank God that He understands the tears that were crying. Thank you all for your prayers....dont' stop now, because now she will really need them. May the Lord bless you all.
---First treatment of mild Chemo has been started. (allopurinol).....Many have asked if this is Acute of is Acute....Just keep praying

---UPDATE:::::Heaven had to have an EKG done and they said her heart looks great...later she will have to have dye inserted into her so they can make sure that her kidneys are working properly.
 Also,  Heaven and I will be spending the next 2 weeks here at Carilion for the first line of treatments. Alexexandra Alexandra V. Haak and Samantha Clark, our other two daughters will be having blood taken to see if they are a match in case there would be a bone marrow transplant needed. Lots of more info to take in btu with Gods grace we will make it through. I do know that He is here with us.

Jeremiah 33:3
Update::::Heaven had been picked and pryed o today to the point that her body was so tence that the Dr. couldn't get a picc-line run. Then someone knocks at the door wanting to transport her to get dye run in a spinal to check her kidneys, then another lady shows up wanting to draw blood and then gets a bit of a additude about ehr coming up to the 11th floor for no reason, then another person shows up to transport her for the spinal.......

I finally had to go and get the Dr. that is under the main Dr. to come and do something becasue I was not about to let all this go on all at once to her. And all it was, was everything was already set and no one else knew they were having trouble runnin gthe pic-line.

All in all, Heaven has had a rough day and Dad and I have gotten an information overload. My head is about to bust and my tears just keep coming. Everytime I look at Heaven I just want to pick her up and hold her so tight. Suddenly some thins just aren't as important anymore. I do want to say...Thank you Lord Jesus for holding me today, for without you we just would not be able to handle all this.

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