Saturday, November 26, 2011

Information on our daughter

O.K. to all who are praying for our daughter Heaven,,,,thank you and please don't stop, she isn't out of the woods yet. Here is a run down of the day today.......
We couldn't get her to get up this morning so we took her to the Urgent Care but they were so full that the wait time was at about 3 hrs or more.......
We took her to Franklin Mem. in Rocky Mount and after the blood work they determined that she has Aplastic Anemia.....which could lead to several issues. All of her blood cells had decreased. A Franklin Mem. she had 2 Saline bags and it was also determined that it would be of her best interest that she be transported to Carilion Clinic Childrens Hospital in Roanoke.
 In route to Roanoke her bp dropped to 78 so her 3rd. Saline bag was started. Upon arrival, after being put in a room, her bp was then 95/35 and her temp. was 101.1. The nurse left at about 7:20 to give all the info to the head Dr.
‎7:45 her bp was taken again a nd it was 96/ this time any number over 90 is great. 7:55 her blood work was taken to determine what type she has. 8:25 the 4th saline bag was started.
Moments ago, we were jsut informed that since her bp is staying low that she will be going to ICU until improvement. Please keep praying and post any questions you may have here or email me personally, I will try to answer as best as I can.
O.K. late night update....At 9:55 Heavens temp was taken (101.2) we were moved to ICU for more obseration through the night...hope to be back in regular room tomorrow. More blood work was taken and her bp was 109/46.
10:30 She will be receiving an antibiotic through her 2nd IV they will also be giving her a benadryl for any possible reaction beings the antibiotic contains pennicillin, they are also going to give her some Motrin for her fever and headache.
10:35 bp was 118/51 ---- 10:50 bp was 107/42

We are praying that this transfusion does the job. We serve a mighty Saviour and we know that he is still in the healing business. Thank you all for your thoughtfulness and prayers.

 At 11:15 Heavens bp was 105/39
Just found out Heavens blood count levels....Her Hemoglobins is 4.6 and should be 12 to16...and her Hematacrits are 14 and should be 36 to 46. She will probably be receiving another pint of blood in the morning.

‎11:35....bp was 110/43
‎11:45.....bp is 104/39.....1st pint of blood is almost finished. Also, her heart rate is doing pretty good.
‎12:15...bp was 111/47 Heavens temperature has came down to 99.1 and we are pretty sure the fever has broken or is at least trying to. Glory to God.

Heaven is resting well right now...the time is 12:50 a.m. and we will see how things go in a little while.
Will try to update asap as information comes in. Thank you all. God bless you all.

You can go here to find out more about Aplastic Anemia

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