Monday, November 28, 2011

Bone Marrow Biospy

 O.K. Heaven went throught the biospy good. I know whe will be sore later. They will be giving her another pint of blood soon. Her Hemo. was 6.6 just before the biospy.....her bp was up but i can understand why. Not sure when we hear the results. I will post when we do.

She looked so small laying helpless. I felt helpless that I couldn't reach over and just hold her and to reassure her that I was there, but she knew that I was. The Dr.s and nurses were contiually letting me know how things were the end the main Dr. was amazed to find that I had watched the whole procedure in the window reflection.

They were amazed I didn't pass out. Guess I should have went to school for nursing.....oh, well, God has me where he wants me....right here with my family.

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