Sunday, March 2, 2014

Mission Organization

Sometimes you just don't have enough room for all your goods that you purchase for your family. Sometimes you need a place to store small kitchen appliances so that you can store mush needed items in your cabinets, or so that your counter space isn't taken up by all those appliances.
Well, after our oldest and middle daughters moved out, we were left with two extra bedrooms. We really needed extra room as I like to shop by the month and plus over the last several years we had acquired lots of " unnessary things" which were also taking up space in our home.
So, I spent several weeks going through each room and bagging up the things that our family didn't need or use anymore, our youngest daughter went through her things and done the same. Now, you must know, we didn't toss these things in the trash, we simply added a few items to a local online auction site and they sold. Each item that we added that didn't sale, was donated to a local church that gives items to those in need. What a blessing, to clean out and help others in the process.
So now, we ordered four adjustable shelving units from www.Ginny' and they work perfectly and were very sturdy for the job that we need them to do, they are also very easy to assemble. So after they we're assembled, I sprung into action.....several weeks later, lol.
So, after selling and donating all the items we no longer needed, I jumped in...feet first. I was able to organize all my canning items ( I love to can from our garden), I was able to to organize all our cereals and others canned goods, also all of our detergents and cleaners, even wrapping paper and other items. Also, to keep the room cool and dark, we leave the thick curtains pulled closed unless i need more lighting when stocking up and we keep the heat vents closed off during the winter and cover them so that the room stays cool. We also have a shelving until that holds all of our small kitchen appliances so that our counters aren't cluttered and our cabinets aren't filled with them. I now can keep our KA mixers and steamer in the kitchen as we use these two items the most. This shelf is a must to keep your kitchen decluttered. Just a note, I picked this shelf up at a local department store (Roses) and it had a ding in it and the manager let me purchase it for $25, it never hurts to ask.
So, with all that said I have uploaded some pics of our "Family Pantry". Hope this either helps you organize or to get motivated to organize your own family pantry. The first pic is a Before pic and is dark as I couldn't even get to the window to open the curtain, the three pics following, are After pics.

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