Monday, March 3, 2014

Make your own Foam Soap

Do you love the foam soaps? I do, but what I don't like is the overuse of "antibacterial properties". You don't need antibacterial soaps, dish soaps, etc. to keep your hands, dishes or counters clean. All you need is to clean them with soap.

Anyways, back to the foaming soap and how to make your own without having to buy it over and over. Even if you purchase it from the Dollar Stores, it can become expensive. So, I have come to the solution of making my own with what I have already at home.
I use baby shampoo/baby body wash as it has sensitivity properties. It is sensitive to the eyes and skin and with as much as we all need to wash our hands, we could certainly use something sensitive.
So all you do is, keep your foam soap container, fill it with one inch of baby shampoo/baby body wash, then, this is an option but you don't have to, ( if you would like to add lotion this is where to do so), add some lotion (of your choice), just lightly squeeze the lotion bottle and count 1-1000, 2-1000, 3-1000, 4-1000. There, you have now added lotion to your foam soap.
Now, you need to add water until you are 3 inches from the actual opening, this provides room for the pump to sit down in the bottle.
After you have added the water, replace the pump and mix lightly by rocking the bottle back and forth. Do Not shake vigorously as this will result in over-sudsing. The lotion will break down eventually but not at a first. If you need to, after settling, you can rock back and forth again if needed.
There you have it! Foam soap! So the next time you run out, don't run out to the store, make your own with what you already have at home. Blessings ♥

I have added photos, from start to finish, to help you along.....

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