Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sad Sunday...

Found out yesterday that an elder in our church lost her battle with cancer and went home to be with the Lord. My heart was jolted as sometimes "it" comes so sudden.
Also tomorrow we will find out the news about Heaven. We are still praying for a clear report and also praying that it stays clear. Cancer stinks and I hate it and the devil can and needs to take it back to hell with him in the Name of Jesus Christ.
Heaven is still sore from the bone marrow aspirate but other than the soreness...she is still smiling.
Also a dear friend of ours lost his brother the other night, so I ask you say a prayer for them also.
Wayne said they had a gret service at churh this morning...I love my church family.
Hope you all have a wonderful evening...we are by basking in Jesus' wonderful Love.
Many blessings :-)

I'll pray for you,  you pray for me and together we'll touch heaven while on our knees...anything can happen in His name when we believe.

Loving the view that Jesus has blessed us with. Thats about the best thing about living here.

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