Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Dentist visit

We will be heading out in a bit to take Heaven to the dentist to pick up her night guard and make sure it fits properly.
I will update later on when the Dr calls.
Blessings to you all.
Dr. E called while we were at the dentist. Basically, we still need the results for the chromosomes to get back and that we are still 50/50%. But he and the lab tech both agree about the blast with the normal markers and that they can change at any time...and he wants Heaven to be at the Clinic Thursday for more labs, 1) so he can look at the blood under a microscope to see if anything shows up that could bring her counts down and 2)if her counts havent come up much at all by Thursday they will be doing another bone marrow aspirate. One of the main concerns is why the counts are so low...and the other is if her body is trying to relasp, and Dr. E said to me again that if that is whats going on then we have caught it very early.

Mainly though.....to God be all the glory. Praises go to Him.

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