Monday, December 23, 2013

Best Christmas gift ever

Just going to take a moment and brag on my Jesus. He has been there for us the whole way through this journey that bagan on Nov. 25, 2011. Today we are honored to say that Jesus still loves us and all you have to do is call on Him and He will hear you.
Heaven Nicole and I have spent 344 days away from all our family and friends, and that has been really hard on us. We are visiting home for 2 weeks for Christmas and then we will be heading back to Duke. Our anticipated date to be back home for good, minus clinic visits, is at by mid-January.
We would like to thank our Jesus for laying it on the hearts of two couples to donate their babys cord blood..for that...we will be forever grateful.
Thank you all so much for all your prayers, cards, calls, birthday/discharge party....we ask that you please continue to pray that Heavens muscles, bones, organs, and blood/platelets continued to strengthen and get to normal levels.
Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts and may you all have a wonderful CHRISTmas.

You can also help by signing up
at and at for bone marrow and cord blood donations. This will give hope to those with leukemia, lymphoma, blood cancers and many more.

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