Saturday, December 14, 2013

335 days.....

Just sitting here this morning in thought of the fact that Heaven Nicole and I have been here in Durham for approximately 11 months today. As I look back, it really doesn't seem as if we have been here that long, but when I think of all that has taken place in that time...then it hits me.
It has been hard being away from family and friends for this long, but by Gods grace and mercy, He has seen and lead both Heaven and I through it with the strength that He has given us both...and I thank Him daily for that.
So as of today we have been here 11 months which equals 335 days and also today Heaven is 258 days post transplant. Thank You Jesus!!!
Please continue to specifically pray for Heaven as she has several test next week, most of them will be done through lab draws, but she will have to have a Echo done and Pulmonology Testing done as well. Please pray specifically that her BMP (certain heart function) comes back normal, as they have been trying to get this number to a normal state since we have been here, also pray for her muscle strength in her legs to increase and her bones to grow stronger.
There are many families here who need your prayers as well. Some are finishing up with transplants, some are half way through and some are getting ready to start...we ask that you please pray specifically for these families as this is really an emotional journey from start to finish. It can take its toll on you, but only if you allow it. Pray for the families that try to figure it all out themselves, pray that they hear of a Saviour that they can lean on, and that He (Jesus) will lead them and guide them through and give them the strength that they are sure to need.
I want to thank God for putting the finest transplant Doctor's in our path. Dr. Driscoll (Heavens Primary), Dr. Martin, Dr. Prasad, Dr. Parik and Dr. Page...You all will always hold a special place in our hearts. Lord, I thank You for Duke Children's Hospital & Health Center and all the amenities that they offer. Lord, I thank you for the Ronald McDonald House of Durham for all they do for each and every family that walks through their doors, and for their caring ways, for being there when someone needs them for we really would not have been able to afford to stay anywhere else.
Lord, thank I can't thank You enough for loving us and for giving us a second chance to be a family.

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