Monday, October 14, 2013

9 months

Just sitting here thinking and thankig God for how far He has brought Heaven. Today marks 9 months that we have been at Duke Childrens with a combined total of 7 months of Heaven being in- patient and 2 months so far out-patient. God has brought Heaven through so much and I thank and praise Him daily. We thank all our family and friends for setting time aside to pray for Heaven and we ask that you continue.
Wow...9 months, away from all we knew, away from family, friends, church, reunions.....God is awesome, for without Him...Heaven and I would have gave in a long time ago...I just want to thank God for giving the Dr.s here the wisdom that they have to help the children. Heaven has been blessed with the most awesome Dr.s ever..... Dr. Edwards, Dr. Atkinson & Dr. Fisher
(Roanoke) Dr. Driscoll, Dr. Martin, Dr. Prassad, Dr. Parek & Dr. Page (Duke Childrens) these Dr.s have been nothing short of a blessing to our family with giving their all to help Heaven get better. We ask that you all continue to pray for these Dr.s as they give so much for the children.
Again, thank You Jesus for being our Rock and for giving us strength.....thank You.

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