Tuesday, September 17, 2013

"Changing the world is really not as tough as it seems.Just takes a little effort and a whole lot of happy. 
The world will not change with a wish or a wand.No abra-kadabra or shooting star.
Some may think it takes a miracle or magic but ...I have something to say that might clear the static. 
I have dreamed a dream of something improbable because to me, in life, there is nothing but possible. 
The answer really is no secret to keep;you just need to be kind to each soul that you meet.
A task that takes just courage,you see a gut full of gumption and brain that believes.
It is a heart full of hope and a hand that can help.To deliver such kindness that may have never been felt.
So do what you can, no matter how small.\Stand up for what is good and stand 100 feet tall.
Paint a picture, hold a door, give a nickel or give more. 
Give a stranger a cup of joe or donate your old winter coat. 
Do these acts at random and I bet you’ll find,that you are making a difference each and every time. 
So tell me friend, have I convinced you why,that making a difference is as easy as pie
Maybe I should remind you this life isn’t all about “me”There is more to this life, a reason for existing. 
So be fearless, be fierce and maybe a little insane. Now do something rad and watch the world change. (Madison Steiner)

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