Thursday, May 23, 2013

A blessed week and a busy day

Update on Heaven.....Again I would like to thank my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ for the Engraftment that took place on May 15th.....thank You Jesus!!!
This week we have had really good white counts...Mon. 4.5, Tues. 5.3, Wed. 6.3, and today it was 8.9.....Amen!!!
Although today Heaven woke up nauseated from a couple meds the docs are using trying to get the BK Virus in her bladder to subside, Dr. Rael ordered a CBC to make sure of no infections. So the CBC came back clear but Heaven needed a blood and platelet her RN for today was flushing one of the lines, it popped just like a balloon and made a quick hissing sound.
The RN asked if I had a clamp and thank God I did as we clamped it off to keep anything from getting in there to cause infection. Heaven got a little upset as the first thought was that she would have to have surgery to replace the line but Dr. Martin came to the rescue as he has repaired more than 25 of these line over the years.
So, the line was repaired, all meds and blood products had to be stopped for 4 hours, so now her pole (aka Slim Jim) is out getting a line change so that we can start the Vancomyacin at 4:00 just as an added at 6:00 she will be getting 2 blood and 1 platelet transfusion plus all her other meds that has had to be put on hold. Bless her heart she is so tired from all commotion but is resting well now.
Please continue to pray for grafts vs. leukemia, the grafts vs host to fade away for good (Dr. Driscoll was pleased with how the gvh looked yesterday) and for her to continue to get healthier with each passing day. Love and miss you all. Hugs from Durham xoxoxo

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